US Supreme Court-Abortion Issue

With the recent official release of the US Supreme Court decision on the Dobbs v. Mississippi case, there has been great divisiveness in the country. There are those that are celebrating in JOY over this decision as it reversed and overturned the 1973 Landmark decision Roe v. Wade and also the Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision. There are also those that believe this decision is taking women back into the past, and eliminating their choice to make decisions as to what is best for them.

There is also an argument that ABORTION should be something on “demand” and that it is “essential” to a woman’s health. How absurd this notion is. Can any medical procedure be sought “on demand”? Can I walk into a hospital and tell them to provide me with an MRI at that immediate moment? But how is it also even able to be equated to something “essential”? If I don’t have an abortion I will die… Is that the argument?

In fact, the decision clearly establishes an injustice that was handed down 49 years ago. Abortion, no matter your stance, is not a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, []. Thus, The SCOTUS should have never heard, or issued, ROE v WADE. This latest decision reversed the position of the last 49 years and qualifies it with: Abortion presents a profound moral question. The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohib- iting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. The Court overrules those decisions and returns that authority to the people and their elected representatives.

How can this decision be against any segment of the population? It literally GIVES THE PEOPLE the right to make a choice. It is, however, a TREMENDOUS win for the ProLife [] position which stands in favor of recognizing that ALL LIFE is important, valued, and comes as a Gift from God.

Watching the news, listening to leaders call for uprisings, hearing chants that the Supreme Court is “illegitimate” are all disturbing. Nothing the court said, or did, is illegitimate. In fact, it removed the court from being the sole source of protection for a medical “right”– should you even consider it as such. The court [at any level] was never meant to be the legislative authority. Courts are designed to settle disputes, to give an account of the interpretation of legislation and to make decisions. If one is upset at a ruling, then they should simply take it up in a legislative manner–WHICH IS WHAT THE COURT HAS DECIDED. There is no reason to become ill, spread hate and anger, or to belittle one side or the other. That accomplishes nothing.

Let me be clear. I am OVERJOYED that the life of an unborn baby is being fought for. I am happy to see that the SCOTUS agrees that Abortion is NOT a Constitutional Right, and thus should not have federal protection. I am happy that this fight is headed in the right direction. I am sad however that people find this negative. What has our world come to? Why are people so intent on allowing babies to be murdered to further ones agenda? Why is getting pregnant seen to be a favorite “pass-time”? Why have our morals as a society been degraded to one-night stands, and hook-ups, and booty-calls? Why can we not simply enjoy the company of one another, to make memories, live a life full of love, charity, and compassion?

For this, and many other things, I think we should all PRAY. Pray for HOPE, Pray for PEACE, pray for UNITY, and PRAY FOR THE UNBORN.

Author: Lawrence McCrobie

Lawrence McCrobie is a member of the Equesrtrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. He also serves as a Catholic Liturgist and Educator in the Midwest. Founder the Catholic Evanglization Ministry of "One Step Closer Catholic" in April of 2018.

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