December 19, 2019- Reflection

Luke 1:5-25

Announcement of the Birth of John

When you think of ordinary people, you do not get much close to the definition than that of Zachariah and wife Elizabeth.  But even with ordinary people, as with all people, God has a special plan/role for them.  An angel was sent to visit Zachariah.  This angel came with a message that Zachariah was not quick to pay attention to—sounds familiar to 10807471605_be4afc6766_bmany of us!  After sharing the message Zachariah was rendered mute, unable to speak.  So, for nine months he spent waiting for the birth of their child.  They may not have known it, but they were VERY much part of God’s plan.

Just like Zachariah and Elizabeth, each one of us are special and that comes with the unique distinction of God having a specific plan and mission for each one of us.  We come to find that role through the participation in the Eucharist—the celebration of the Eucharist through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ.  This is exactly what happens each time that we received the Sacraments.  This is God’s gift to us, the presence of Christ.

As you read the Gospels you slowly discover the complete humanity of Christ.  Can you picture seeing Christ in a crowd of people, and as you gaze in their eyes and face, you see john-baptistthe image of God?  Afterall we were indeed created in the image of God and in his likeness.  Christ, God become human, spent his life showing us the human dignity of living in the image and likeness of God.  Since Jesus died and rose from the dead, he sent the Spirit to live within us so we can live as Jesus lived, and be his presence in the world which we live.  We must take this message and share with others, as we have been given the greatest gift of all.

Zachariah and Elizabeth play a part in the Salvation of the world.  We must be grateful that they raised their son, John, who was meant to proclaim Jesus as the Messiah!


©Dr. Lawrence V. McCrobie, Ed.D.-KHS.

Author: Lawrence McCrobie

Lawrence McCrobie is a member of the Equesrtrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. He also serves as a Catholic Liturgist and Educator in the Midwest. Founder the Catholic Evanglization Ministry of "One Step Closer Catholic" in April of 2018.

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