HOLY WEEK: Personal Meaning

It is during this time of the year that I am given a renewed sense of hope!  Not only is this period a time for reflection, observance, and adjustment of life—it is also a time of great renewal of humanity.  Look around you, there are many things that are changing. The weather should be the first thing you notice—in fact in the Midwest it changes in what seems like an hourly fashion.  But also, the attitudes of people are changing.  People are excited about getting toUnknown come out of their winter sleep, they are excited about Spring Break trips—pre summer planning—The release of new movies, the thought of a HUGE Easter Feast, and for our youth the prospect of Prom and Graduation.  SPRING IS A RENEWAL OF LIFE!  A symbol that life moves forward.

For me all of these things are true.  Though my time for prom and Graduation are over, I am able to look at our youth and see great hope. hope It is. Through their living and life that I am reminded that God always provides a path.  This Holy Week is a period when I see the change at its greatest.  I look at all of the movies that are being released, and how through the popular activity of going to the movies and seeing the latest MOTION PICTURE that we are given a tool of change.  This year we were given a tool through UNPLANNED; a movie that provides us with an insight of the evils of abortion.  The false truths that are given to cover the fact that we in fact are committing murder every time we allow an abortion to happen—through this act we diminish life. SHAZZAM! This movie is powerful in showing that family is important to get through tough times. Families often change, but what remains constant is the love and support they provide.  The seven deadly sins are portrayed in the movie and show that they in fact can be overcome if we work hard.  Prayer is also a central theme in the movie.  BREAKTHROUGH.  Though I have not yet seen the movie, it is built around the unstoppable power of prayer.  That through trust in God that anything is possible, and how that prayer can bring us all together.

But Holy Week is so much more.  It is a time of great Liturgy.  We enter into the Chrism Mass where the priestly vows are renewed, and the sacramental oils are consecrated for the upcoming year.  We have the preparation of the Paschal Triduum, a period of reflection on what is to come. And finally, we have the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.easter triduum

Even though it is a busy period, it is a time filled with so many tools for change.  Tools of reflection, and tools of preparation.  HOPE is alive around us, renewal is alive and well, and God provides all of it for us.  Our job is simply to LOOK for it, and to open our HEARTS to it.  For me Holy Week is a time to prepare our lives for what is to come. Personally, my life is changing, and God is fully at work in me—But the great news is that HE too is at work in YOU!


Have a Blessed Easter!


Author: Lawrence McCrobie

Lawrence McCrobie is a member of the Equesrtrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. He also serves as a Catholic Liturgist and Educator in the Midwest. Founder the Catholic Evanglization Ministry of "One Step Closer Catholic" in April of 2018. www.LawrenceMcCrobie.com www.OneStepCloserCatholic.org

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